What is Satyaa
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Satyaa was started by seven friends with the simple belief that we can change the world for the better, through the application of our own knowledge and skills that we acquire to sustain ourselves on a daily basis. We have realized that the amenities we take for granted as basic, often do not exist for others. One of four guiding principles is also that at least 80 per cent of all contributions, if not more must go towards projects, and thus we must maintain low-cost operations for Satyaa.

The founding members of Satyaa believe that in order for a child to survive without the full support of their parents, education, clean water and medicine are crucial. This helps to ensure that each individual has the ability to determine their own futures, equipped with the appropriate skills sets such that they truly believe theirs is a rightful place on this planet as any other.

Our conviction that these three issues form part of the core of developing a healthy environment where children of all ages can develop to be mature responsible members of society, in the coming years, Satyaa will purse these activities in a sustainable manner, such that any institution that Satyaa initially engages with, will be self-funding and self-managing. When an institution reaches this stage, Satyaa will only continue as an advisory member of the organization.