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Ogrohgoti (Swiftly Moving Ahead) – Vocational training

Seema, came to the orphanage at the age of three, when both her parents were killed in a flash flood. Unable to support her, her uncle dropped her at the orphanage. Since then, Seema has grown up to be a intelligent, well spoken young lady who is about to finish her basic education. Seema now has the ambition to become a stewardess. To help her achieve this and make her independent, Satyaa will help provide her with spoken english classes as well as enroll her in 'stewardess school'.

Hence, Satyaa also provides vocational training for the development of life skills. Many of the youth at the orphanage, waiting on the cusp of their professional lives find themselves to be at a loss of where to go or how to get to where they want.

Through this project, Satyaa supports development of skills in fields like weaving, computers, embroidery and stitching, catering and fishing, as well as using Satyaa networks to help individuals getting trainings and placements in a bid to make them financially independent.